The following pages are the photos that I shot for the new RHYC website last summer and fall. I am also sharing them here with all interested parties. There are a lot of them so I split them into the individual race days days. Prints can be made if you would like, just make a note of the file number that you want printed. 

September 3, 2020 Thursday evening race

September 5, 2020 Fiasco on the Rocks

September 17, 2020 Thursday evening race

September 22, 2020 Tuesday evening race

October 6, 2020 Tuesday evening race

I can make prints to any custom size that you might want. That being said here are some standard sizes and related price ranges. This covers the paper media and ink as well as my time doing the post production on the files to make them look good.

  • 8×10 inches  $40.00
  • 11×14 inches  $65.00
  • 16z20 inches  $80.00
  • 24×36 inches  $150.00
  • Totals do not include applicable taxes.